Zukes Z-Bones Edible Dental Chews Mini Clean Carrot Crunch (0.5 oz)

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ZUKES Z-Bones Mini Clean Carrot Crunch Doggie dental hygiene isn’t always the most up kept, with a natural proclivity to carry anything in their mouths no matter how unsanitary. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep their teeth clean and breath fresh, look no further than Z-Bones, the natural edible dental chews. Z-Bones use a delicious, grain free formula which is easy to digest and will help scrape and polish teeth. Grain Free Formula Z-Bones are made with potato starch and tapioca as an alternative to allergy inducing wheat based bones. As an added benefit, tapioca helps digestibility with fewer calories. Z-Bones are also made without dairy, which is a common allergen for dogs. Natural Breath Freshener Z-Bones contain a full arsenal to combat bad breath. Alfalfa concentrate, a highly concentrated form of chlorophyll, freshens breath from the inside out. Parsley along with Rosemary offer natural powerful herbs to eliminate doggy breath. Clove has analgesic properties and acts quickly to suppress your hound’s halitosis. Z-Bones also has fennel, which is a common ingredient for mouth washes and toothpastes. Antioxidants and Digestibility Clean Carrot Crunch is loaded with minerals. The carrots supply a rich source of beta-carotene, Vitamin A and fiber, while pumpkin provides alpha- and beta-carotene, fiber, Vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium and pantothenic acid. Zukes Z-Bones Mini Clean Carrot Crunch Grain Free Easy to Digest Clean Teeth Healthy Wholefood Antioxidant Natural Breath Freshener Delicious and Nutritious For dogs greater than 5 lbs and more than 6 months of age More Info Dog Treats More treats for your dog. Top Dog Bones Find alternative dog bones. Canine Dental Disease Learn more about problems that can come from poor dental hygiene Pet Food Couple your healthy treat with a healthy meal. Choose the right size Z-Bone for your dog Clean Apple Crisp Clean Carrot Crunch Clean Cherry Berry MINI 18 Bone Box REGULAR 8 Bone Box GIANT 12 Bone Box MINI: For dogs 5-25 lbs REGULAR: For dogs 25-60 lbs REGULAR 8 Bone Box LARGE 6 Bone Box GIANT 12 Bone Box MINI: For dogs 5-25 lbs MINI 18 Bone Box REGULAR 8 Bone Box LARGE 6 Bone Box GIANT 12 Bone Box Healthy Pets Healthy Planet Every Zuke’s product is crafted to keep both pets and the planet healthy. Be Healthy Beyond Ingredients Be Active Embrace the Outdoors Be Devoted Honor Unconditional Love


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